Fisheye Lenses

Fisheye lenses are ultra-wide angle lenses that produce strong visual distortion and enable creative potential by revealing a normal scene in a surreal way.

For fun, creativity and experimentation, a Canon fisheye lens is enjoyed across subjects, from landscapes and astrophotography to wildlife and architecture. Test your skills and experiement with our full range of fisheye lenses.

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Fisheye lenses distort a wide-angle of view, which is then projected into a circle within an image frame, creating a highly distorted image that has a unique “fish-eye” appearance.

Offering a truly unique photo, a fisheye camera lens is highly versatile allowing you to make street photography look super cool, experiment with radial blur or add curvature to horizon and alter the perspective.

Discover the full Canon fisheye lens range, experiment and explore your creativity.