DSLR Cameras for Beginners

A DSLR camera for beginners allows a hobbyist, amateur or enthusiast to unlock their creative potential. Step up from a smartphone or fixed lens camera by learning the craft of photography with a combination of user-friendly tech, ergonomic design and premium features.

Our impressive range of entry level DSLRs are all Interchangeable lens cameras, letting you experiment with a range of different lenses.

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A DSLR for beginners combines speed and versatility with premium features and a user-friendly design. Capable of high-quality photography, a DSLR camera for beginners includes intuitive features such as a user-friendly menu and an ergonomic design.

Other features such as autofocus and autoexposure mean that a beginner can get to grips with the latest in camera technology, while many manual features let them explore possibilities.

Take the first steps into EOS photography with a DSLR camera for beginners. For help finding your perfect lenses, checkout our Camera Lenses for Beginners guide.